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  About Us

Our director, Lee Smith began working with Tunturi and Bremshey products soon after they were first distributed throughout the UK, nearly 30 years ago and we feel that we have the knowledge and experience to provide the support you need to keep your product in good shape.

We can supply spare parts shipped directly from the manufacturer or arrange an on-site service/repair via our network of experienced field service technicians.

  Brands we work with

Tunturi’s rich history started way back in the 1922. The foundations of the Tunturi brand were laid when the Harkke brothers set up a small cycle shop in Turku, Finland. Cycle repairs were the shop’s main activity at first, but some small-scale production was also carried out. The brothers then began to manufacture Tunturi bicycles on a larger scale, at first under license.

It was from the technology and expertise gained from bicycle production that Tunturi went on to invest strongly in Fitness equipment product development. Tunturi recognised the importance of healthy living and Fitness as an important basis for the future. In the 1970s, Tunturi became recognised internationally as an influential producer of Fitness equipment.

With the success of its Fitness equipment, Tunturi became a strong and internationally oriented organisation. The Tunturi brand was at that point being sold all over the world. In the 1990s, an important strategic decision was made to focus on the production of Tunturi Fitness products and Tunturi cycles. This decision was important for the further development of the brand.

Tunturi is now a well-known concept in Scandinavian countries and Tunturi trainers are sold in over 40 countries all over the world. In 2003, Tunturi Oy Ltd was taken over by the Accell Group, Europe’s largest organisation producing and selling bicycles. Tunturi’s takeover by the Accell Group is a guarantee for the future! If you wish to purchase a Tunturi product please contact Tunturi Directly.

The Bremshey family business began in Solingen, Germany, and has a rich history that goes back more than 40 years. You can still be sure to find that traditional German dependability in Bremshey Sport products.

The Bremshey Sport® brand stands for functionality, easy to-use technology and the use of top-quality materials. This means you don’t need to understand complicated technology or be an experienced fitness fanatic to use Bremshey Sport fitness equipment.

The team of designers work to one golden rule: to develop simple-to-operate and user-friendly fitness equipment that is functional and practical. Often, all those complicated extras offered by other brands simply increase the price. But what use are hundreds of programmes if you only want to use a few? Why complicate matters when they could be so simple? With Bremshey Sport fitness equipment you can get started straight away.

If you wish to purchase a Bremshey Product please contact Bremshey Direct.